About Us


“No Boundaries shall aspire to empower those with disabilities to self-advocate and have choice in everyday life others may take for granted. We shall strive to assist all with the ability to grow and exceed beyond stereotypes and predetermined notions. Our goal is to promote self-advocacy, growth and the pursuit of dreams shared by all. With the support of those that care, anyone can overcome whatever boundaries set forth and we hold true to the fact that in life there should be no boundaries which cannot be triumphed over with quality support.”

No Boundaries was founded in 2012 by Brandon Griffith as an SCL waiver case management agency offering Supports for Community Living Waiver and Michelle P. Waiver case management. Since it’s inception, No Boundaries has grown to support Participant Directed Service case management as well as Technology Assisted Residential Supports (the first to offer this service in Kentucky) in the Bluegrass state.